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Concert Crowd Ambience

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Concert crowd ambience. Large stadium rock concert crowd waiting, yells and whistles. Human sounds free mp3 download. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Concert Crowd Ambience" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 2,38 megabytes and length 01:45 seconds:

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Everything depends on the mood. At the concert, a very special mood is achieved, because you have to hear not only music, but also the hubbub of the same fans who came to listen to your favorite music. And this is something more than just listening to music. A concert is a special atmosphere, special sensations, which, no matter how hard you try, cannot be achieved at home. This applies to both concerts in a large stadium and in halls. In the hall, of course, the acoustics are many times cooler than in the stadium, but the stadium, in my opinion, is more democratic and more fun. But if you don’t want to be either democratic or cheerful, and even more so the applause of fans or the screams of fans, then listening to music at home, of course, is a good thing. So by and large, these are different things.

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