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Tie Fighter Sound. Star Wars sounds free mp3 download. Best sound effects in Holywood movies. Download for free "Tie Fighter Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 232 kilobytes and length 00:11 seconds:

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Legendary muay thai fighters

Apidaeus Sit-Hirun

Winner of the "Fighter of the Century" award and seven championship titles not only in Thai, but also in classical boxing ("Champion of Seven Titles"). The owner of the most powerful kicks. During his professional career, he won 340 wins, 10 losses and 1 fight ended in a draw. He was a trainer at the legendary Fairtex gym in Thailand. He passed away in 2013 at the age of 72.

Ramon Dekkers

Ramon Dekkers was born in Holland, but among the performers in Thailand, he is rightfully considered the best foreign fighter. He has 186 wins, 2 draws and 35 losses. Twice became the champion of Lumpini (Lumphini Stadium - one of the two (along with Rachadamnen) the most significant stadiums in Thailand, where fights are held according to the rules of Thai boxing, is located in Bangkok), received an award for achievements in Thai boxing from the royal family. Dekkers was a multiple world champion in Muay Thai in different versions, and also a member of the K-1 league. After he finished his career, he held many sports seminars around the world. He also died in 2013 from a heart attack while riding a bike.

Diesel Chor Tanasukarn

Considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the history of Muay Thai. At the age of 19, he became the champion of Lumpini and broke the record by winning 50 consecutive victories, 16 of which were knockouts after knees. Fighting style is aggressive and fast. He ended his career due to the fact that there were no contenders for the title who wanted and could throw him a worthy challenge.

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