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Tension Build Up Sound With Church Bell At The End

Free Download Tension Build Up Sound With Church Bell At The End

Horror cinematic tension build up sound with church bell ringing at the end. Great background sound for scenes of horror or mysterious content. Download for free "Tension Build Up Sound With Church Bell At The End" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 935 kilobytes and length 00:42 seconds:

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What does bell ringing mean?

1. The purpose of the bell ringing is that it is a Divine call that beats into our conscience. The Church, with its help, reminds people: today is a feast day, the wedding feast of the Son of God (Matt. 22:2). Respond, man, to the call of God, come in and partake of this triumph, taste the Food of immortality - the Body and Blood of the Son of God! In addition, the ringing of bells announces the beginning and end of the service, its culminating moments, so that Christians, for objective reasons, who are not able to be in the temple on this day, hearing the bell, cross themselves at least once and briefly pray to God.

2. As to whether the Most Holy Theotokos is present at worship in every church of the world, the saints, being created beings, are limited by time and space, and in themselves do not have the property of presence everywhere, which belongs only to God. But, as Rev. Silouan of Athos, the saints, being in heaven in the closest union with God, in God they can hear the prayers of the earthly Church, simultaneously offered up in all corners of the world, and answer them. In this sense, the divine services of the earthly Church have an invisible connection with the Heavenly Church: the saints hear our prayers in God, and pray with us at every divine service. The same can be said about the Most Holy Theotokos. The kontakion for the Feast of the Intercession contains the following words: “Today (that is, today, now, in any Orthodox church) the Virgin is in the Church, and from the faces of the saints she prays to God for us ...”.

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