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Walking In Beach Water

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Walking In Beach Water. The sound of someone walking in beach water. Human sounds free mp3 download. Professional SFX library. Download for free "Walking In Beach Water" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 877 kilobytes and length 00:41 seconds:

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The main advantages of walking along the beach

If you like walking, then try to walk along the sandy beach more often. The data available to scientists show that in this case, walking brings the maximum benefit.

Walking on sand for any period of time requires more effort from a person than walking on hard ground or asphalt. And that means a higher level of training. Researchers recently found that walking on sand requires two and a half times more mechanical work than walking on hard surfaces at the same speed.

Hiking on the beach promotes greater activation of muscles and tendons throughout the body. Back in 2014, studies showed that walking on the sand reduced the risk of injury by limiting the level of damage and muscle soreness.

Have you heard of the term proprioception? This is the ability of our body to sense exactly where it is in space without looking at itself. Thus, with highly developed proprioception, it is possible to throw the ball into the ring without looking at the hands, and there is no need to see whether our feet are on soft grass or on a hard surface. Proprioception is essential for precise and fluid movements, and sand is an uneven surface. Walking on the beach qualifies as an ideal proprioceptive exercise.

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