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Historically, the first to appear was an electromechanical buzzer, which is an electromechanical relay with normally closed contacts through which the coil of this relay is connected to a current source.

The principle of operation of the buzzer is very simple. When a current flows in the working circuit of the buzzer, the relay winding is excited, which means that the magnetic flux increases in its core, under the influence of which the contacts immediately open, through which the winding itself has just been fed.

When the contacts open, the relay winding stops receiving power, the magnetic flux in the core disappears, which means that the movable contact is released, which just closed the relay power circuit, and the spring switches the circuit to the initially closed state.

And now, the contacts are closed again, the coil again receives power and the core again attracts the movable contact of the relay, again opening its own supply circuit. So the process is repeated over and over again. The oscillation of the relay armature makes a buzzing sound. The Ruhmkorff coil works in a similar way.

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