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Carmen Suite No 1

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Carmen Suite No 1. Carmen Suite no. 1 – 1. Prelude (for recorder ensemble). Composer Georges Bizet. Music for youtube videos mp3 download. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Carmen Suite No 1" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 3,05 megabytes and length 02:19 min:

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"Carmen Suite"

Based on the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, the musical material of which was substantially re-arranged, compressed and re-arranged by Shchedrin. An additional basis for the libretto was the cycle of poems by Alexander Blok "Carmen". Based on this cycle and the short story by Prosper Merime, which formed the basis of the opera, the libretto of the ballet was written by its first director, the Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso.

The ballet was written and staged for Maya Plisetskaya and premiered on April 20, 1967 at the Bolshoi Theater (stage designer Boris Messerer). Based on this production, in 1969, a film was made by director Vadim Derbenev. At the same time, the extremely passionate and not alien to erotic nature of the production caused rejection among the Soviet leadership, and in the USSR Alonso's ballet went in a censored form: according to the memoirs of the choreographer,

That a scandal is possible, I guessed even at rehearsals, when Maya and her partner Nikolai Fadeechev (he danced Jose) asked me to moderate the passion in the love duet of heroes. “We won’t allow this,” they said. The production of "Carmen" was behind the scenes. When the pressure got too much, I thought, "Go to hell!" and wanted to leave. But Maya persuaded me to stay. Those who put pressure on us probably thought that the performance should be buttoned up, although Carmen is a ballet about crazy love. I had to compose a "lightweight" version of the pas de deux.

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