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Old Electronic Telephone Ringing

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Old electronic telephone ringing. Digital phone rings. An electronic office or home telephone ring free mp3 download. Best online sfx library. Download for free "Old Electronic Telephone Ringing" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 489 kilobytes and length 00:24 seconds:

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Phone history

The ability to transmit information over a distance has worried people since time immemorial. Over time, mankind has invented a number of different ways to implement this idea. The most reliable, but rather long, were messengers or carrier pigeons. As a means of communication, people used signal fires, later post stagecoaches or floating craft (for transmitting information across the seas or oceans). Back in the 16th century, an Italian scientist, Giovanni Porta, put forward a proposal to build a system of special pipes for negotiations on the Apennine Peninsula, but his idea never found practical application.

However, everything changed after the discovery of electricity. In 1837, American inventor Samuel Morse discovered the electrical wire telegraph. The history of the phone He came up with his own code system for it. Morse code was the first means of long-distance electrical communication in history.

The birth of the telephone as a means of communication occurred after the telegraph had firmly taken a leading position as the main means of communication and a means of transmitting information over a distance.

In 1861, the German Philipp Reis invented and designed a device for transmitting sound over a distance through wires for electricity. In principle, this device became the world's first telephone. However, the quality of the transmitted signal was too poor, and it was often almost impossible to hear anything in the electrical noise. Noises greatly drowned out the sound transmission.

15 years later, American Alexander Bell discovered a way to convert sound signals into electrical signals. On February 14, 1876, Bell applied for a patent for his invention, but was not the only inventor of such a device. On the same date, but 2 hours after Bell, another inventor from the USA, Elisha Gray, applied. It was because of the later filing of the application by Gray that the patent was granted to A. Bell. Later, Gray even sued Bell, but the servants of Themis took the side of Bell, who bought all the rights to operate the phone from the "injured" party. From this period, Bell's phones began their rapid spread across America, which could not be prevented even by the imperfection of the design. Already in August of the same year, over 800 telephone sets were in operation. The demand for the new invention continued to grow.

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