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Street Dogs Barking

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Street dogs barking sound effect. A group or pack of angry dogs barking on the street. Dog sounds mp3 download. Professional SFX library. Download for free "Street Dogs Barking" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 162 kilobytes and length 00:07 seconds:

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How long do street dogs live?

Few. Very little. I didn't even know it was that much. Most stray animals die in the first year of life.

Discussion posts sometimes throw up interesting topics for research. So, one commentator wrote that street Vietnamese dogs living on an almost vegetarian diet are not very healthy. Basically, it is. I'm only afraid that it's not a matter of diet: nowhere are stray dogs distinguished by health and do not live long. Cats have the same thing: they live poorly and little.

“A dog has been living in my yard for ten years, and everything is fine with her!”

We all have examples when some mongrel lived next to a neighboring entrance (maybe even in a booth) for several years and seemed to be quite healthy and contented with life. But this is rather an exception to the rule.

We see only one dog that has shelter and food, does not interact very closely with other dogs and, accordingly, is less likely to catch any infection. Watchmen's dogs live in exactly the same position at enterprises: they seem to live on the street, but they are taken care of in the slightest degree: they will set up a booth, and feed them, and maybe they will give you a pill for worms.

And there are counterexamples. There is a construction site and an abandoned garden near my house. A flock appeared at the construction site in the spring - mom, dad and several recently born puppies. How many - I do not know, because with each of our meetings there were fewer of them. And in the garden itself, packs of 7-9 dogs appear from time to time. During the warm season, their number decreases to 2-3: puppies die under the wheels (this is what I saw), disappear somewhere (are they caught? Do they die from diseases?). At the end of the season, the parents also disappear (find warm hiding places? Also caught? Just more busy looking for food?). I don’t remember a single flock that would have retained its numbers. And I don't remember the same parents coming back with a new litter the following year.

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