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Phone Rings Sound

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Phone rings sound. Old telephone ringtone mp3 download. 3x electronic phone rings. Best online sound effects library. Download for free "Phone Rings Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 109 kilobytes and length 00:10 seconds:

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Basic concepts

Hot calls are outgoing, but more often incoming phone calls, in which a potential client has already decided on the choice of your company, goods or services, and decided to place, confirm an order or clarify details. In fact, hot calls are the end of the selling phase. At this stage, they discuss methods of delivery and payment, sometimes they offer related products. A classic example: a person places an order in an online store (adds an item to the cart), provides contact details, and a call center operator or manager calls to confirm the request and clarify payment methods and delivery options.

Cold calls - in most cases, outgoing calls to subscribers from the client base in order to present goods, services and an offer to buy, order. In fact, you are trying to sell a certain product over the phone to an unfamiliar and possibly uninterested person in your offer. If in hot calls it is very difficult to make a fatal mistake in which a client is lost, then in cold calls it is very easy to do. Therefore, a certain cold calling technique is used or an approximate plan according to which you should lead the subscriber to perform the actions you need - order cold calls.

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