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Dubstep Drum Loop 142 bpm

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Dubstep drum loop 142 bpm. Dubstep beat pattern. Hope this sound will be useful to you. High quality drums loops free download wav format. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Dubstep Drum Loop 142 bpm" WAV file has bitrate 16 bit / 44.100, size 1,90 megabytes and length 00:14 seconds:

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This is a relatively new musical genre. It appeared in the early years of the new millennium in south London, becoming one of the offshoots of the then fashionable style of "garage". In terms of its sound, this style of dubstep is characterized by a peculiar tempo - from 130 to 150 beats per minute. It also features crumpled low-frequency bass, in which there is sound distortion, and a sparse breakbeat in the background. Dubstep is somewhat similar to hardstyle: there is also a snare drum and a “sharp kick”.

Back in the 90s of the last century, the garage-house style became popular in Britain. This genre of electronic dance music came from the United States. In the British Isles, the genre split into two varieties: first, the speed garage appeared, and by the end of the decades, the two-step came into vogue. Already in 1999, the two-step began to change. It acquired a "dark" sound, in which the bass line stood out. One of the first two-step sound was promoted by musicians from Croydon, a suburb of London.

Against the background of these transformations, Sarah Lockhart and Neil Jolliff began throwing parties in 2000 that focused on the new sound of the already popular two-step.

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