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Angels Choir

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Angels choir intro. Angelic choir sings aaa phrase. Great audio logo for radio, tv, games, advertising, multimedia projects. Download for free "Angels Choir" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 208 kilobytes and length 00:09 seconds:

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9 Angelic choirs, or heavenly hierarchy of importance

Each of us has heard about angels and archangels, some know how to name them, know the extent of their help and even cooperate with them, for the benefit of themselves and other people. We also all know that we have our Guardian Angel. However, not everyone knows that there is a hierarchy in Heaven and that there are so-called Angelic choirs. Learn about this hierarchy and the 9 angel choirs in Heaven.

First, God created Heaven. Then He created perfect beings, or Angels. After all, he created less perfect beings, or humans.

There are an infinite number of angels in heaven. There are a whole lot of them. And although they are perfect, endowed with incredible wisdom, knowledge, goodness, and are intercessors of God Himself, there is a hierarchy among them. Amazing, isn't it? And still.

Man as a being was created to experience, learn and know throughout his life. Perhaps that is why our body on earth is a dense, rather heavy matter, adapted to such experiences. Angelic beings live in close proximity to God, therefore they also have a more subtle, ethereal, energetic, non-physical, only spiritual form. The knowledge that we humans must acquire experimentally was given to the angels by God as belonging. They know everything. They have free will, but they never doubt what to do or what to choose. This is their angelic wisdom and divinity. And yet these perfect beings were systematized by God himself, the Angelic Head, into nine groups called choirs.

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