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Apartment buzzer. Apartment intercom / interphone ringing. Intercom call sound effect. Best online SFX library for your projects. Download for free "Apartment Buzzer" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 33 kilobytes and length 00:02 seconds:

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Buzzers, millennials and Xers: who are they?

Two Americans stood at the origins of the theory of generations: the popularizer of science Neil Howe and the writer William Strauss. Once they enthusiastically took up the eternal problem of fathers and children, namely, they asked themselves why people of different generations seem to speak different languages. We came to a completely logical conclusion: the values and beliefs of certain generations are influenced by circumstances, everything that happens in the world and around them. Moreover, these circumstances are cyclical and follow a very similar scenario: after crises and wars, there comes a “rise”, then humanity faces an “awakening”, then a “recession” is coming, followed by a crisis formed from wars, illnesses, financial difficulties. It is replaced by a rise again, and so on in a circle.

The authors of the idea took 25 years as a basis - it is believed that this is how long it takes for a generation to change. If we shift the Strauss-Hau theory to the twentieth century and the beginning of the next millennium, it turns out very smoothly. Here are the post-war baby boom, and the millennials who witnessed the change of millennia, and the buzzers sitting in the “zoom” (although the name of their generation has nothing to do with video conferencing).

However, the theory has many shortcomings. The main one is that the authors of the idea are not scientists at all, their conjectures are not well supported, there are no clear boundaries between generations, and sociologists from different countries prefer to count xers and buzzers in their own way. But in general terms, there is a lot in common.

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