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Person In Boots Up Stairs On Wood Deck Sound

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A person wearing a pair of boots walks up a flight of steps and across a wooden porch or deck. Walking up or down on wooden stairs sound effect. Download for free "Person In Boots Up Stairs On Wood Deck Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 189 kilobytes and length 00:09 seconds:

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Meeting with the Baltic fairies

Such a smile is not trained by PR, it is given from birth as a gift from above, and always shines under golden hair. Or maybe, on the contrary, this gold of hair highlights a smile. The lighthouse is visible from afar. I unmistakably go out to him by some courtyards of the industrial zone near the Moscow River. So in the hot summer I was kindly greeted by a fairy in the office of the Baltic Boats Company, one step away from acquiring the isiteek deck covering, which had been looked after at exhibitions and from more successful colleagues for a long time. The name suggests both the combination “this is a teak” and the promising “light teak”. Lightweight, in the sense that it will be technological to work with it with your own hands. Although I have long been offered to bring a yacht to St. Petersburg: the craftsmen will make it there. They offered to send at least patterns. But the passion for independent creativity prevented attempts to use the help of professionals.

I pout a little like an old sea wolf in front of the office ladies. There are already two lighthouses in front of me. Brightly burning first, and only flaring up the second. It's just that the younger girl is just learning the difficult profession of a marine dealer. A small conversation goes on increasing: from the weather to the unlimited possibilities of the company. And suddenly your humble in the prime of his life, who has endured more than one storm, not very suffering from seasickness, realizes that he is losing coordination. Led. It's like the floor is slipping out from under your feet. Maybe an attack of hypotension from the heat and long walking upright? Would lie down. And then suddenly I fall uncontrollably. I try not to show confusion, so as not to frighten the girls. But the girls were not afraid, but laughed: “It is from the waves that the landing stage shakes after each passing ship.” I grab the horizon with my eyes and regain my balance. It's not all bad. Somehow I lost sight of the fact that the office of the boats company is simply obliged to be located on a floating structure.

Let's move on to the business part. Calculation: three square meters of coating in the form of a tape of two "boards", glue to connect the tapes to each other, sealant to fix the deck imitation to the surface of the boat. The Vanderbilts and Morgans might not have been interested in the cost of the yacht and accessories. Yacht snobs like to repeat, if you ask how much a yacht costs, then you don't need a yacht. For the majority of the water population of our country and the world, the budget is built into a cult. Budget cars, budget yachts and everything else that some bashfully call inexpensive are in demand. It turns out that the whole set is in Moscow, and by a lucky chance, the person who stocks it all lives about two blocks from my house. So I understand that in this case, delivery to the threshold is not an option of the company, but a happy unique courtesy of the elder fairy. It took less than 15 thousand rubles for everything about everything. These prices due to the next economic crisis may remain in the past. The goods are foreign, you understand.

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