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Wow sound effect for games, projects and videos. The man says wow. Human sounds free mp3 download. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Wow Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 37 kilobytes and length 00:02 seconds:

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Often one hears the wishes and regrets of clients that psychotherapy is a long and difficult process, and how there is a lack of such a wow effect: the consultation ended - it clicked somewhere, it cleared up in my head, at the beginning there was a problem - and now there is none, and I want to sing and dance. Why doesn't this happen in psychotherapy?

The wow effect is essentially a joyful surprise when a person, as is often said, is struck by some drastic change in his condition. But let's not forget that the word "hit" at the same time means - to hit, knock down, deprive for a while of the opportunity to think. They also say - to stun. Stunning effect. But to stun is to hit a helmet with a sword, so that under this helmet the head rang and stopped working.

Not for nothing, in fact, the marketing term "wow effect" stands for "a feeling planned by the seller that the buyer should experience when faced with a product, service, seller, website or anything else that should push him to buy or something else. or - for example, remember the brand, bookmark the site, tell a friend about the company, keep the TV on while advertising a certain product, etc." That is, again, the task of such an effect is to amaze and stun, in other words, to turn off the buyer’s head, preferably right before the moment of purchase / payment.

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