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Duck Quacking Sound

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Duck quacking sound. A Mallard Duck constantly calling and squawking. Real duck sounds free mp3 download. Duck quacking sound. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Duck Quacking Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 93 kilobytes and length 00:04 seconds:

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How does a duck quack?

Do you know how a duck quacks? How does a duck quack? Quack-quack-quack. Any child will answer this for you. But even far from many adults know that this bird is the only living creature whose cry absolutely does not cause an echo even in the most echoing conditions. This applies to all kinds of ducks. And drakes, and ducks and ducklings, voice without the slightest echo. Having lived a significant part of my life in St. Petersburg, which can be called the capital of wild ducks, I personally noticed this for a long time.

But all other animals, including such close duck relatives as geese and swans, are already able to call an echo with their cry. And sometimes very strong. What is the secret is still not clear. The voice apparatus of ducks is characteristic of all waterfowl, the ducks scream quite sharply, loudly and piercingly, but they do not cause an echo. And this is a fact. You can verify this yourself by visiting a zoo with exotic representatives of the duck breed, or an ordinary pond, where large clusters of simple wild ducks often feed all year round, or by going to the village to visit domestic ducks. All ducks will quack to you in all sorts of voices. But definitely no echo.

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