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Brown noise. A continuous stream of brown noise mp3. Standard noise. Sleep sound. Seamless loopable. Download for free "Brown Noise" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 4.10 megabytes and length 03:00 min:

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Is it true that brown noise helps you sleep?

Two sleep scientists are interested in one of the latest TikTok trends: users are massively sharing brown noise videos and claiming that this is a new way to improve their sleep. Gemma Pach from Newcastle University (UK) and Gorica Micic from Flinders University (Australia) explained how brown noise actually works.

Brown noise differs from the other two in lower frequencies. White is more like radio interference, pink is rain, and brown sounds deeper, like a raging mountain river or powerful surf.

Few studies show that these sounds work for people who are more sensitive to external stimuli - they can switch to a monotonous sound. Noise also helps those who cannot sleep due to thoughts and worries.

During sleep, the brain continues to process external sounds, so loud signals can wake the sleeper. This is where low-frequency background noise can come in handy - it sort of masks individual sounds.

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