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House Bell Sound Effect

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House bell sound effect. Classic house door bell ringing (ding dong). Household sounds free mp3 download. Professional SFX library. Download for free "House Bell Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 115 kilobytes and length 00:05 seconds:

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House Bell History


The appearance of the bell was predetermined at the very moment when our ancestors acquired doors. True, at first no one bothered with the “alert system” of the owners of the house - wild ancestors simply knocked on the barrier with what they had to: with fists, legs, stones. It was extremely inconvenient - hands are not iron.

And then in ancient Greece they thought of hanging a metal plate on the door, attaching it to the door handle. Some utilitarian household items were built real amulets with images of the gods guarding the house. Those were deliberately terrible - in the form of monsters and gargoyles.

Probably, this is where the tradition of making door knockers in the form of predatory animals came from, in whose teeth a ring is clamped, into which the hammer plate turned into in the 10th century. This is convenient - so the “knocker” became at the same time a handle for massive medieval doors. By the way, in those days it was a matter of honor to compete in the pretentiousness of door knockers - the rich design of the ring testified to the status of the owner of the house.


At the same time, around the 10th century, bells began to be hung on the door as an alternative to heavy knockers. The history of them themselves goes back four millennia - to China (the oldest specimens were discovered there). Since then, bells of all stripes and ranks have been used everywhere. They were especially loved in medieval Germany: under the blows of the “cleanliness” bell, the janitors swept the streets, the “percentage” bell reminded the townspeople of the return of debts, the “labor” bell (it also became the progenitor of the factory whistle) announced the beginning of the working day.

Not surprisingly, bells appeared on the doors as well. Outside at first. But in large houses it was not very convenient - the ringing was not heard in the back rooms. Then they began to hang the bell inside, and tie a string to it, which passed through the door frame. To make a deafening ringing, the guest had only to pull the cord from the side of the street. This simple design has become almost a full-fledged mechanical bell.


Since then, engineering thought has tortured the bells as best it could: either increasing them in size, or reducing them. And with the development of mass construction, they began to attach a mechanical handle on the outside and a striker inside. Everything was connected together by a metal rod: the guest pulled the handle - the striker hit the bell. Practical, beautiful, but still useless for large areas. Yes, there is also the development of electricity in the XIX century contributed to new inventions.

And in 1853, a French technician by the name of Miro created an electric bell that worked on the principle of a DC interrupter. With this miracle device, the inventor decorated his own door, and electric bells gained real popularity at the beginning of the 20th century with the introduction of mass electrification.

Like mechanical bells, the first electric bells did not have a button, but a handle. Their button counterparts appeared only in the 1930s. But then they began to issue calls with various melodies, wireless calls powered by batteries, calls with a built-in video camera and radio-controlled - those that are used in country houses where there is a large distance from the gate to the house. It's only the beginning!

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