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Large Passenger Jet Idling

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Large passenger jet idling heavily. Jet plane on the ground. Airplane turbines exterior ambience. Loop. Professional SFX library. Download for free "Large Passenger Jet Idling" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 841 kilobytes and length 00:39 seconds:

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Jet engine: modern versions

Jet engines are such devices that create the traction force necessary for the process of movement by converting the internal energy of the fuel into the kinetic energy of jet streams in the working fluid. The working fluid rapidly flows out of the engine, and according to the law of conservation of momentum, a reactive force is formed that pushes the engine in the opposite direction. To accelerate the working fluid, it can be used as an expansion of gases heated to high temperatures in a variety of ways, as well as other physical processes, in particular, the acceleration of charged particles in an electrostatic field.

Jet engines combine the actual engines with propellers. This means that they create traction forces exclusively by interaction with working bodies, without supports, or by contacts with other bodies. That is, they provide themselves with their own promotion, while the intermediate mechanisms do not take any part. As a result, they are mainly used to propel aircraft, rockets and, of course, spacecraft.

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