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East – Poppy Electro Ambient Track

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East – Poppy electro ambient track with piano melody, e-guitar and drums. Free instrumental music for videos. Download for free "East – Poppy Electro Ambient Track" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 6,06 megabytes and length 04:31 min:

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The Far East is the easternmost part of the territory of Russia. The macro-region has access to two oceans: the Pacific and the Arctic, borders on five states (China, Japan, Mongolia, the USA and the DPRK).

The Far Eastern regions are located in four time zones and different climatic zones - from arctic deserts to subtropics.

The area of the region is 6,952,555 km², which is about 41% of the area of the entire country (the largest federal district in terms of territory).

The climate of the Far East is contrasting - from sharply continental (on the territory of Yakutia, the Kolyma regions of the Magadan region) to monsoonal (in the southeast).

In the north of the region, beyond the Arctic Circle, the climate is exceptionally severe: winter lasts nine months, snow lies almost all year round, and the seas washing the coast are not cleared of ice even in summer.

The southern part of the Far East is dominated by a monsoon-type climate with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Such a contrast is due to the vast extent of the territory (almost 4,500 km from north to south and 3,000 km from west to east), as well as the interaction of continental and sea air masses of temperate latitudes.

The mountainous relief, the cold Sea of Okhotsk and the Primorsky Current along the coast of the Sea of Japan have a significant impact on the climate.

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