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Bossa Nova – Game Show Thinking Music

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Bossa Nova – quiz game show thinking music loop. Relaxed and chilled track with positive and optimistic vibes. Great background music for game shows, games or radio and TV quiz sequences, Youtube video clips. Download for free "Bossa Nova – Game Show Thinking Music" MP3 file has bitrate 320 Kbps, size 2,00 megabytes and length 01:29 min:

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Television games are well known to the domestic audience since Soviet times. Numerous quizzes and sports competitions, sports (“Dad, Mom, I am a sports family”) and professional (“Come on, girls!”) were extremely popular on television during the times of social stagnation, they were a kind of emotional doping for viewers. Many of these programs, having changed somewhat, are still popular today: for example, KVN or “What? Where? When?". Today, however, they are more commonly referred to not as television games, but as game shows. The terminological difference accurately reflects the difference in content. The main spectacle of a television game today is not a competition, but the whole complex of techniques by which the competition turns into a theatrical performance.

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