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Vintage Motorcycle Sound

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Vintage motorcycle sound. Retro motorbike idling, Gilera 150 sport. Motorcycle sounds free mp3 download. Best online SFX library. Download for free "Vintage Motorcycle Sound" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 324 kilobytes and length 00:14 seconds:

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What is the place of the motorcycle in the history of your life?

Since childhood, I have been very interested in motorsports, especially vintage cars and motorcycles. I saved up for my first motorcycle at the age of 19, but after a while I got a spinal injury in a car accident and could not ride for several years. I needed to give vent to my passion, and so I started researching motorcycles in terms of building custom machines.

What kind of restoration work do you like?

I knew that I had to start small - with small-capacity motorcycles with an engine no more than 250cc. I am attracted to old motorcycles and the fact that they are not fuel injected: I have worked in architecture, design and construction, but I am by no means a qualified mechanic. Fortunately, my unfounded belief that it would be difficult for me to get old motorcycles turned out to be wrong. I was surprised to learn that they are quite easy to find, and I was able to purchase two at once.

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