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In 1975, ex-Roxy Music member and future famed producer Brian Eno had an accident. He was forced to spend some time at home. Bedridden, he listened to the harp recordings, slightly cut and distorted, and the sounds of the environment: the noise of the street, the sound of the wind. Gradually, they merged into one single sound mess. So Brian Eno realized that there was a new way of perceiving music: when it is part of the environment and merges with it. So he came up with ambient - music that will be the best embodiment of art as an element of decor.

Eno was not the first to turn sounds and melodies into a part of the environment, everyday activities. Already at the beginning of the 20th century, the composer Eric Satie began to create "furnishing music". In fact, these were the first experiments in the genre of minimalism. Its essence was that unobtrusive repetitive melodies were performed in various public places. For example, Satie offered the couturier Germaine Bongar the musical arrangement of her establishments. In a letter to Jean Cocteau, he wrote that “furniture music is deeply industrial. There is an unfortunate habit of playing music in circumstances where music has nothing to do. Then they play waltzes, Fantasies on the themes of operas, and similar things written for other purposes. Satie's goal is to "introduce music created to meet 'needed' needs". “Furniture music,” Satie wrote, “is created from the mere ripple of air; it has no other purpose; it fulfills the same role as light, warmth and comfort.” To create the atmosphere, Satie placed the musicians in different parts of the hall to create the effect of presence. He created annoyingly primitive and repetitive soundscapes. In general, he was the first true minimalist. And the first progenitor of ambient: Sati began to turn music from an object of a special gaze into some kind of accompaniment, an addition to the environment. It was furniture that did not take up space, did not weigh a single gram, but at the same time transformed the room. This is how ambient worked and works.

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