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Magical Path – Positive Electronic Background Music

Free Download Magical Path – Positive Electronic Background Music

Magical Path – Positive electronic background music free download. Great motivational song for presentation or any other multimedia projects. Download for free "Magical Path – Positive Electronic Background Music" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 1,82 megabytes and length 01:23 min:

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Electonic music

Electronic music is music that is created and performed using electronic-acoustic and sound-reproducing equipment. In electronic music, the object of the composer's work is not only the sound fabric and the composition as a whole, but also the sound material. Sounds and sounds are "composed", sinusoidal pure tones ("atoms" of sounding) add up to music. tones and noises ("molecules"). E. M. equipment - generators, filters, modulating devices that are combined in electronic synthesizers (studio and portable), as well as tape recorders, amplifiers, speakers. Acoustic material (sinusoidal pure tones; various kinds of noise - "white", "color"; impulses, clicks, etc.) are processed and combined, turning into diverse mixtures, timbre-colorful sounds, with the help of which the composer realizes his work .; any other recorded sound (including both musical sounds and natural sounds, at the choice of the composer) can serve as the source material. Both types of material can be combined.

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