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Bird Singing In The Forest

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In winter, hazel grouses usually live in the forest, fleeing the cold in snow drifts. At this time, they feed mainly on needles, and if it happens, then on different buds and shoots.

The smartest of them, even before the start of winter, move closer to those trees, on whose buds they count in harsh times.

If the winter seems to have little snow, the diet of birds becomes more varied thanks to berries - lingonberries or cranberries, which can be obtained from under the snow.


Fritillaries are one of the most characteristic forest birds, says biologist Maria Savchuk. - They are distant relatives of black grouse and capercaillie, however, they are much smaller in size, slightly larger than pigeons. Their character is also not as warlike as that of relatives. Grouse are rather affectionate and trusting.

Of course, they owe their name to the variegated, rippled color, which makes them especially cute. Up close, it can be seen that the bird is motley, but at a distance, multi-colored spots merge into a gray-red color. This coloring helps to perfectly camouflage in any landscape.

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