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Sound Therapy Morning Birds

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Sound therapy morning birds. Ambience sound of birds chirping and tweeting in sunrise. Loop. Free online SFX library. Commercial use allowed. Download for free "Sound Therapy Morning Birds" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 2,58 megabytes and length 01:59 min:

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What birds sing early in the morning?

For me, the morning singing of birds has always been associated with the arrival of real spring and warm weather.

Here are some birds that sing early in the morning / during sunrise.

1) First of all, the great tit is remembered (usually it is simply called the tit).

2) The next bird is the well-known lark. Larks begin to sing immediately after arrival from wintering grounds, but they sing most actively before nesting.

3) Songbird willow warbler. She is a migratory, arriving in April.

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