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Cinematic Creepy Stinger Sound Effect

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Cinematic creepy stinger sound effect. An horror stinger useful for scary transitions, video games, movies, Halloween projects, etc. Best online sfx library. Download for free "Cinematic Creepy Stinger Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 340 kilobytes and length 00:15 seconds:

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History of the famous sound effect

In 1976, sound engineer Ben Burtt was putting together sound effects for his friend. The friend's name was George Lucas. He just showed the first working version of Star Wars to his colleagues Francis Ford Coppola, Brian De Palma and Steven Spielberg. They did not stand on ceremony and criticized the picture to the nines.

As a result, a whole staff of specialists took up the finalization of the draft, including in sound. One of them was Ben Burtt. A couple of years earlier, in search of unusual sounds, Ben had been watching old films and noticed the 1953 western The Charge at Feather River. In the painting, a soldier named Wilhelm screams frantically as an arrow pierces his leg.

Burtt immediately stole an interesting sample for his collection. 3 years later in Star Wars: A New Hope, the scream belonged to an already unnamed stormtrooper. The effect turned out to be so appropriate that in the next episode of the famous saga it was already used twice. With just two films, Ben Burtt managed to make Wilhelm's scream not only his trademark, but also a subtle joke for all the sound-shop workers.

Scream migrated from the Star Wars universe to the next popular epic - Indiana Jones, as well as to films by other directors.

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