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Rubber Stamp Sound Effect

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Rubber stamp sound effect. Stamping sound effect free download. Office sounds. Bank or office ambience sfx. Download for free "Rubber Stamp Sound Effect" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 17 kilobytes and length 00:01 seconds:

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History of rubber stamps

"Stamps of our time": In 1978, the book "The Rubber Stamp Album" was published in the USA, its authors for the first time tried to collect all the scattered material that concerned the manufacture of rubber seals and stamps. Selected chapters of this book will undoubtedly be of interest to both professional seal makers and ordinary seal users.

Despite the fact that a fairly large amount of information about the history of seals can now be found on the Internet, unfortunately, it does not answer the question "when and where did the technology for making seals originate in the form in which it still exists?". Agree that the seals carved 4 thousand years ago on stone, as well as the seals of Peter the Great, engraved on metal, are not at all the seals that you are used to using in your work.

If we single out the characteristic features inherent in the stamps of our time, then this is a rubber (polymer) cliché glued to automatic or manual equipment, and an ink pad. Interestingly, the Americans call both rubber and polymer stamps with the same word "rubber stamps" ("rubber stamps").

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