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Groovy Funky Music Clip

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Groovy funky music clip. Groove music. Great background music for corporate video, presentations, documentary, multimedia projects, travel. Download for free "Groovy Funky Music Clip" MP3 file has bitrate 192 Kbps, size 2,34 megabytes and length 01:48 min:

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Bright funky music

Such a musical direction as funk appeared relatively recently in musical culture. Like any cultural phenomenon, it did not arise from scratch. Funk music became a continuation of the soul style. Let's talk about it briefly. Appeared in America in the mid-50s of the last century. The term "soul" (in translation - the soul) was used to refer to the social liberation movement of African Americans, new music became the personification of this struggle. It combined such directions as rock and roll (or rhythm blues) and Negro choral chants, and naturally was the music of "blacks", "white" youth did not recognize it. The "father" of funk is considered to be the black pianist Ray Charles. Also the first performers were James Brown and Sam Cooke. Main characteristics of Soul:

tenacious vocals with pull-ups ("howling");

there are elements of jazz;

performed on brass instruments.

Now it is already very difficult to clearly distinguish between the direction of funk and soul, even for a specialist.

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